3 Bail Bond Myths That Are A Relief To Know

For some reason (probably partially due to inaccurate representations through television and film), people tend to think about bail bond agents are big, intimidating guys who wear thick gold chains and large black coats. False. Bail agents are businessmen who undergo training, classes, and exams every year to get their license or renew it. A […]

Your iPod Or Phone Could Be Worth Millions Of Dollars

Your iPod or phone could be worth millions of dollars, but don’t jump for joy just yet. What we mean is that more than likely, it has hundreds of songs on there that were illegally downloaded and if you are caught, it can cost you a very pricey consequence. Under federal law, offenders can face […]

What You Can Do To Help Reduce Crime Rates

For the first time in over 10 years, crime in Los Angeles has risen. Violent crimes (rape, aggravated assault, etc.) increased 20.6%, property crime increased 10.9%, auto theft increased 13.8%, and burglary increased 15.8%. A factor to this rise is Prop 47 that reduces felonies to misdemeanors for non-violent, non-serious crimes. This is also due […]

Placer County Bail Bond Store’ #1 Priority Is Taking Care Of Our Clients

At Placer County Bail Bond Store, we care about our reputation with our clients. We feel it is one of the most important things about us, second of course to giving our clients the best bail bonds service we can. Too many companies today are comfortable with earning a reputation for not caring about their […]

For The Best Bail Bond Store Service In California, Call Parlier Bail Bond Store

In major times of conflict, tension between individuals will rise and sometimes, communication and support would be lacking. But when families see their loved one come home from jail, they begin to mend their strain. So, how does the arrested person get out of jail? Talk to one of our skilled bail agents at Parlier […]

We Are Committed To Giving Excellent Service To Our Clients At Orange Cove Bail Bond Store

If you need help bailing a friend or family member out of jail, then Orange Cove Bail Bond Store is the place for you. We have been helping Californians bail their loved ones out of jail for the past 28 years. Our bail bondsmen have more experience than any of our competitors and can use […]

Take The Quiz: Do You Remember Your Rights?

Let’s take a little history lesson, a rather important one. In grade school, we learn about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. These rights have protected the people for over 200 years and continue to do so, so it is imperative for the people to know their rights and know if and when they are […]

Paying For Bail IS Affordable! Here’s How…

If you’re concerned you can’t gather enough money to pay for your loved ones bail in time, do not worry. There are other options, and the best one is to use a bail bond from Fresno Bail Bond Store. What will happen is one of the friendly agents will take your call. They will take […]

The Best Thing About Being The Older Sibling

People generally think that being the younger sibling is “better” and “more fun.” Parents are more lax with their second child, having raised the first child and seeing the pros and cons to their parenting style. Over-protective on the first child? Ease up a bit on the second. Trust the first child enough? Certainly trust […]

These Are Animals Californians May Not Own

Believe it or not, California has some of the strictest laws when it comes to pet ownership. For example, one cannot own a tiger in California, but can you believe it is legal to own one in other states? There are even some cute and furry little friends who are unwelcome as house pets. Whether […]