What All Those Legal Bail Words Mean And Why They Matter

Bail  –  determined by a judge, this is the amount of money a defendant will need to pay court in order to leave jail. Bond or Bail Bond  –  a written contract from a professional bail agent to the court (acts as bail payment) with the understanding that if the defendant fails to go to […]

Get Home To Your Children With Fresno Bail Bond Store

Some parents make the painful mistake of leaving their children unattended in the car as they dash into a store for a few minutes, thinking nothing bad can happen. Well, this is not only dangerous, but it’s also actually illegal to do this for children under 8 years old. And with the weather heating up, […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Wants To Help You

No one ever anticipates needing to help bail a loved one (or themselves!) out of jail so you certainly shouldn’t be expected to know how you’re going to pay for bail immediately. Fresno Bail Bond Store wants to help you. We offer an optional way of paying for bail: instead of paying court 100% of […]

What Does It Mean To Collateralize A Bail Bond?

Collateral on a bail bond is exactly what it sounds like. Collateral is the item or items that Jane must pledge in order to secure something (in this case, a bail bond for Johns release from jail). If all goes well, Jane get her collateral released back to her by the designated date. If something […]

Give A Person Their Life Back

The general consensus when someone is arrested and goes to jail is that their “life is over.” Of course that’s a figure of speech but considering the circumstances, it is taken quite seriously. But, you have the power to give a person their life back, to give a person a new hope for a restart. […]

If You Feel That There Might Be A Warrant For Your Arrest, Call Yuba County Bail Bond Store

If you ever have a feeling that there may be a warrant out for your arrest, you can call Yuba County Bail Bond Store for help. We do not just bail people out of jail, we can also provide warrant checks for people who call in. We can help you find out if you have […]

No Matter Where You Need Bail Help, Selma Bail Bond Store Will Be There For You

If your friend ever gets arrested, you will want professional help bailing him out of jail. Some bail bonds companies claim they know what they are doing, and yet they fall flat when you go to them for help. At Selma Bail Bond Store, our bail agents are trained yearly and have experience that has […]

Let Sanger Bail Bond Store Help You Get Your Family Member Out Of Jail

Some of us have a particular family member who does not know where to draw the line. They do not know when to quit and so it does not come as a big surprise when you find out he or she is in jail. However, they are still family and you will want to bail […]

Save Your Family With Fresno Bail Bond Store

At Fresno Bail Bond Store, we do more than just bail people out of jail, we save families. Families come to us, concerned and stressed about one of their own who was just arrested. They put their trust in us to help get them out of jail. If you’re in a predicament like this, we […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Protects Your Community

The purpose of bail bonds is to release a recently arrested individual from jail for the days until his or her first court appearance. This person who may or may not actually be guilty for the crime they are being accused of. And because everyone is protected by the “innocent until proven guilty” phrase, (most) […]