Now There Is A Team Dedicated To Finding The Innocent – After They Were Found Guilty

Most of the time, the law does not fail: those found guilty of crimes were actually guilty. Sometimes though, innocent people are found guilty and are thrown into prison, wrongfully. Now, there is a new team to focus on wrongful convictions. This team will work when new evidence is brought to light, or mistakes and […]

Toads May Not Be Licked In LA And Other Absurd CA Laws

If you think the parking sign restrictions in Los Angeles are ridiculous, you should read up on these uber-ridiculous laws in the LA/Southern California area that are out-dated and just plain absurd. A man may not dress as a woman in Walnut unless the sheriff gives permission. You can only use your own bathroom as […]

So, These Are REAL California Laws?

We don’t know exactly why these laws were ever laid out, and we don’t know why the government won’t officially remove them. But what we do know is that these are some of the dumbest, oldest laws in California that you could technically get in trouble for: It’s illegal to play a trumpet to bring […]

Doing These Can Make Your Wait In Jail Longer

Obviously, everyone wants to get out of jail as quickly as they can. Your release is partially dependent on you, so it is important to make your bail bond process go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible on your end. Doing these can make your wait in jail longer: Choosing an unreliable bail company. Not […]

What Not To Do When You See Your Friend Getting Arrested

Say you’re with a friend. Something happens and the cops are suddenly a part of the situation. Your friend is put in handcuffs. Seeing this angers you because you know your friend is innocent. But, what you don’t want to do is express your anger too passionately because this can result in your arrest as […]

California’s Best Spots To See Fireworks

Don’t miss the spectacular fireworks show this 4th of July! There are so many locations in California to catch them that there is surely a place near you. Here are some of California’s best spots to see fireworks: America Fest at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles – the largest fireworks show in LA Hollywood […]

What Happens At A DUI Checkpoint

A DUI checkpoint is a time when the police block off a section of the road to scan drivers as who are driving along that road. This is when the police ensure they are driving safe and sober – or if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the latter case appears […]

How Not To Get In Trouble At A DUI Checkpoint

If you plan on drinking this 4th of July weekend, you might want to consider how your method of transportation will be ahead of time. There will be an abundance of DUI checkpoints all around Los Angeles and every other city because as expected, there will parties happening everywhere which means there will be much […]

How This 4th Of July Will Be Different Than Others

Your July 4th celebrations must be in the works already and this year, America’s birthday lands on a weekend, meaning the parties are going to last longer than ever! Whether you’re barbecuing, hanging at the pool, hitting the beach, picnicking or engaging in some other fun activities that we missed, make sure to cap your […]

Legal And Illegal Fireworks For 4th Of July

The spectacle of 4th of July is always the fireworks show. They cease to amaze us, no matter how many times we watch them light up the sky. We always want the best view, the closest view. Sometimes, we even want to play with them ourselves. But, do you know what fireworks you are and […]