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Dinuba Bail Bonds

In case you didn’t know, in California, the legal age to smoke is 21, not 18. This change happened a couple of months ago in an effort to prevent youths from smoking.

Teens who smoke at an early age are more likely to continue doing so when they enter adulthood. Teens who do not smoke before the legal age limit, are less likely to start doing so when they come of age. This is not a surprising trend at all, but nonetheless, smoking is a dangerous habit.

The chances of landing in jail because of underage smoking are low, but trust us, it can happen. We at Dinuba Bail Bond Store have seen every case in the book and this would not be surprising for us. We have seen everything, we have also successfully handled everything that came our way. Anyone who has been arrested and eligible to post bail and has come to us for a bail bond, has successfully been bailed out of jail. We can do the same for you or a loved one if you ever need our services.

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