We Can’t Do It All – What Fresno Bail Bond Store Cannot Do For You


Boy, we sure wish we at Fresno Bail Bond Store can do it all for you, but unfortunately we can’t. We can get you out of jail with a bail bond, and be with you each step of the way for that process, but here are some things that we cannot do for you:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Refer clients to an attorney
  • Deposit money on behalf of the defendant for referring business
  • Take bribes
  • Negotiate a bail bond before the crime occurs
  • Lower your bail amount

At Fresno Bail Bond Store, we promise to get you through the bail bond and jail release process and get you home to your loved ones. But once you’re out of jail on bail, the only things we can do for you now are make sure you show up in court and make your bail bond payments.

To get your bail bond going, whether its for you or a loved one, please call Fresno Bail Bond Store at 559-264-0603. You can also chat with one of our agents online. We will absolutely do as much as we can to help you through this stressful situation!

Call Fresno Bail Bond Store at 559-264-0603 and we will help you get through this difficult time.