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What Happens if I Disturb the Peace in California?

Disturbing the peace is kind of a blanket term in California. If you’re charged with disturbing the peace, it basically means that you did something to irritate someone. Examples of this can include anything from deciding to mow your lawn in the middle of the night to playing really loud music, getting into a fight […]

Possessing Deceptive Identification Papers In California

We all go through phases when we can’t help but wish we were someone else. This usually happens when we have a bad day and wish we’d made different life choices. Normally the mood passes and we get on with our life. The problem is that some people take things too far and will go […]

Money Saving Tips For The Holidays

All the signs point to us being poised on the brink of a recession. Between inflation and the outrageously high price of fuel, most of us are looking at the holidays and wondering if there is any way we can save a little money yet still enjoy the holiday season. The good news is that […]

Protect Your Keyless Car From Thieves

Keyless cars are great, particularly when you’re trying to hang onto things like multiple bags of groceries, cranky toddlers and hyper pets while you open your car. Rather than wrestling with a key and a tiny keyhole each time you need to unlock your car, all you have to do is push a button. Easy […]

Sentence And Punishment For Burglary

Getting arrested for burglary is no laughing matter. The first thing you have to understand is that the sentence and punishment for burglary in California vary from one person to the next. Why? Because burglary is one of California’s wobbler offenses which means that certain details of the burglary determine if you’ll be charged with […]

Rules To Follow When Hosting A Yard/Garage Sale

Yard sales and garage sales are kind of awesome. Not only do they provide you with an opportunity to clear out some of the stuff that has been cluttering up your house, but you can even make money doing so! Another perk is that they can turn into a type of community event that allows […]

California’s Stance On Battery Of A Police Officer

Many people assume that assaulting an officer and the battery of a police officer are the same thing. They’re not. While the two terms are becoming increasingly interchangeable, when many of California’s laws were drafted, the term battery referred to a physical act that resulted in the victim sustaining an injury. As time passed, California’s […]

Concealing An Accidental Death In California

A story about a couple who lost their baby and failed to report the death made the headlines a short while ago. The original story included many twists and turns that had people shaking their heads. One of the questions many people asked after reading the story was if family members are legally obligated to […]

Earthquake Safety Tips

There are many great reasons to live in California. There’s also one huge drawback. In exchange for easy access to beaches and year-round wonderful weather, you always have to be prepared for an earthquake. The good news is that most of the earthquakes California experiences are really small, little more than slight tremors that give […]

Understanding California’s Cruz Waiver

California has something most residents probably aren’t familiar with. It’s called a Cruz Waiver. Cruz waivers are interesting. They are set up for defendants who are ready and willing to plead guilty to whatever charges they’re facing, but who aren’t yet ready to face the actual repercussions of the guilty plea. To put it another […]