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The Smartest Way To Handle A Big Lotto Win

With the Powerball jackpot soaring to over a billion dollars recently, people are stocking up on tickets. Even people who have never played the lotto before are purchasing a ticket and daydreaming about what they will do if they strike it big. Since there is always a chance that you could win, dedicating a few […]

Teens Need To Be Smart While Partying This Halloween

Everyone knows that the best parties happen on Halloween. There’s something about the combination of extreme sugar, spookiness and the strange cheerful zaniness of the season that makes the parties even more memorable. It’s why so many teens spend days learning about what Halloween parties are taking place and deciding which they’ll attend or skip. […]

California’s Extreme Heat Law

Everyone who lived in California recently experienced an incredible heat wave. Some areas hit record-breaking temperatures. The extremely hot temperatures and the fact that it looks like those highs are going to become more commonplace have prompted discussion into the extreme heat law that was passed earlier this year. The policy is called the Extreme […]

Is Skipping School A Crime?

As a parent, you constantly worry about whether you’re raising your child in a way that will enable them to be an independent, self-sufficient, responsible adult. You know that a big part of this process sometimes involves stepping back and letting them do their own things, especially once they become teenagers. It’s likely you understand […]

Mistakes to Avoid Following a Hit and Run Accident in California

Hit and run accidents are extremely serious. There are several mistakes you should avoid making when it comes to a hit-and-run accident. Fleeing the Scene The biggest mistake you should avoid making is getting involved in a hit-and-run accident. Accidents happen. And while it’s perfectly natural to want to flee the scene and pretend the […]

Providing False Credit Card Information

There are times when we could all use a little extra money. Adding an additional line of credit to our lives seems like a good way to get it. The problem is that if you’re already overstretched, the credit card companies will likely reject your application. This can prompt some of us to consider providing […]