Important Things Everyone Should Know About Bail Bonds

Important Things Everyone Should Know About Bail Bonds

Most people don’t bother to educate themselves about the bail bond process until they or a loved one is arrested. Most people assume that they have learned everything they need to know from various procedural shows. Spoiler alert! TV doesn’t tell the full story. Here are a few things we wish everyone knew about the bail bonds business.

Bail Bonds is a Shady Industry

In movies and television shows, everyone connected to the bail bond industry always comes off as shady or corrupt. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that bail bonds is a legitimate business that serves an important function in the criminal justice system. Yes, we help people who have been charged with a crime, but we don’t judge them. We just want to give everyone a chance to be released from jail so they can keep their life straight while they wait for their case to go through the lengthy court process.

Not only is the bail bond industry legit and important, but it also isn’t full of criminals. In order to own a bail bond company, a person must have a clean criminal record.

Bail is so High that No One Can Afford it

Yes, bail can be quite expensive. How high a person’s bail is set isn’t our decision, it’s the judge’s decision and they have their own reasons for setting bail at a certain rate. As a bail bond agency, we try to eliminate some of the financial reasons some people couldn’t afford to take advantage of bail. We strive to make it affordable for everyone. We do this by:

  • Only charging a 10% fee.
  • Offering a 20% discount to qualified clients.
  • Allowing clients to use a co-signer and post collateral.
  • Creating flexible, interest-free payment programs.

We Harass Our Clients

We don’t understand why bail bond agents are always portrayed as pushy and obnoxious. The truth is that while we’re willing to answer any questions you have about your bail bond and the terms of your bail, as long as you are diligent about showing up at all of your required court dates, you’ll rarely hear from us.

If you or a loved one needs bail, we strongly urge you to contact Reedley Bail Bonds. Our services include:

We are always available and ready to help. Just give us a call any time of the day to get your free consultation. We promise, we won’t let you down.

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