Unlawful Use Of A Driver’s License

Your driver’s license may seem like a small, inexpensive laminated card that proves to the world that you’re legally allowed to operate a vehicle in California. What you might not realize is that there are ways you can use your driver’s license that violate California’s laws. Examples of unlawfully using a driver’s license in California […]

Rules To Follow When Hosting A Yard/Garage Sale

Yard sales and garage sales are kind of awesome. Not only do they provide you with an opportunity to clear out some of the stuff that has been cluttering up your house, but you can even make money doing so! Another perk is that they can turn into a type of community event that allows […]

How To Report A Crime

You’ve seen a crime happen. Now you’re in a bind. Are you legally required to report the crime? Who should you report the crime to? How do you even go about reporting a crime? How long do you have to report the crime? It’s amazing how much stress simply being an innocent bystander can cause. […]

California’s Stance On Battery Of A Police Officer

Many people assume that assaulting an officer and the battery of a police officer are the same thing. They’re not. While the two terms are becoming increasingly interchangeable, when many of California’s laws were drafted, the term battery referred to a physical act that resulted in the victim sustaining an injury. As time passed, California’s […]

Aiding A Suicide In California

Assisted suicide has been a strongly debated topic in California and other parts of the world for several years. California legalized assisted suicide with the End of Life Option Act that took effect on June 9, 2016. While the law allows patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses to legally end their life rather than […]

Eavesdropping In California

Eavesdropping is something we’ve all done at some point in our lives. Normally, it involves staying quiet and remaining shrouded in mystery while we listen to someone discuss either ourselves or someone we know. In most cases, eavesdropping is fairly harmless, however, there are some circumstances where your penchant for eavesdropping could result in you […]

Concealing An Accidental Death In California

A story about a couple who lost their baby and failed to report the death made the headlines a short while ago. The original story included many twists and turns that had people shaking their heads. One of the questions many people asked after reading the story was if family members are legally obligated to […]

Teens Need To Be Smart While Partying This Halloween

Everyone knows that the best parties happen on Halloween. There’s something about the combination of extreme sugar, spookiness and the strange cheerful zaniness of the season that makes the parties even more memorable. It’s why so many teens spend days learning about what Halloween parties are taking place and deciding which they’ll attend or skip. […]

How To Confirm That Candy Is Safe After Trick-or-Treating

Ever since 1974 when Ronald Clarke O’Brian gave his son Halloween candy that was laced with a fatal dose of poison, everyone has been worried about the possibility of their own child ingesting fatal candy. It’s easy to understand why parents are fearful. Kids are going door to door and stocking up. Some of the […]