There Could Be A Warrant For Your Arrest If You Have A Number Of Outstanding Tickets And Fines

Do you have a number of unpaid tickets? It’s not that you’re purposefully not paying them, you just need to scrap funds together somehow, someway. You’re struggling. Well, unfortunately, holding off on paying your tickets in time is not a good idea. A judge may sign off on a warrant to have you arrested. If […]

If You Want Your Bail Bond To Work, You Need To Avoid These 5 Major No-Nos

Getting a bail bond from a company who does not have you at their priority and best interest. Some over-charge, some work slower, some are non-responsive and some will even look for reasons to put you back in jail. Providing incorrect or false contact information on your bail bond papers. Part of securing a bail […]

The 10 Commandments: Bail Bond Store Version

Bail bond fees may differ slightly state-to-state but will typically be between 10-15% of the total bail amount. (We charge the minimum, 10% at Fresno Bail Bond Store.) The judge will determine the bail amount. It is up to you or someone on your behalf to contact us at Fresno Bail Bond Store. Our number […]

We Will Always Be Ready To Help You And Your Family At Huron Bail Bond Store

Our bail agents at Huron Bail Bond Store are the best in the entire state of California. Every year we put our bail agents through rigorous training, even if they have been trained before, we train them again. This keeps them at their very best, which means they will be able to help you better […]

You Want Help From A Reliable Bail Company, You Need Fowler Bail Bond Store

When you are trying to bail a friend or family member out of jail, you want help from a reliable bail company. You want someone that will always be there for you, no matter what time it is. You want a bail company that will work with you to make sure you get the best […]

We Make Bail Easy For Our Clients At Firebaugh Bail Bond Store

It can happen in a moment, you can be having a perfectly normal day when you get the call. Your loved one was just arrested and suddenly your entire day has been thrown into chaos. Your friend or family member needs help, but you do not know what to do. Thankfully, there is a solution, […]

Your Parents Will Always Help You Out And When You Become One Yourself, You’ll Understand Why

What happens if you get arrested and need help to bail out of jail? You don’t have the funds to meet the requirements by yourself and you need someone to loan you money. But, you’re too embarrassed to call your friends and chances are, they don’t really want to help because they need to save […]

Don’t Be Ashamed To Get Bail Help

Don’t be ashamed to call us at Fresno Bail Bond Store seeking help to get out of jail. You should, in fact, be eager to call us, so you can get out of jail and contemplate on the ordeal that you just experienced, and plan for the coming days and weeks. Occasionally, there are some […]

California’s Most Wacky Laws – You Won’t Believe Some Of These!

Sorry ladies of Los Angeles, if you were hoping to meet your Prince Charming by kissing a frog, you better search elsewhere. It’s against the law to kiss and lick frogs in LA. Yes, this is a real law. This law is as real as these other dumb laws in California: You may not own […]

Common Items Used As Collateral For Bail Bond Store

Many bail bonds will require collateral be put up in order to proceed. This collateral is used as security – if the defendant does not show up for court as they are required to, the collateral is taken. Collateral is certainly an incentive for the defendant to go to court if they (or the person […]