Butte County Bail Bond Store Can Help You Bail Your VIP Out Of Jail

Life can be going well and you can feel great, then you get the news; your friend or family member has been arrested. Discovering that a loved one has been arrested can been troubling and worrisome. You will want to do whatever you can to help out the important person in your life, and Butte […]

How Soon Do I Need To Pay Bail?

How soon do I need to pay bail? Well, that depends on the method you are choosing. If you want to be direct and pay the court (without going through a third party), you will pay the entire amount of your bail at once. Only when you do this can you get out of jail. […]

It’s Better To Offer Help Even If The Person Doesn’t Need It

As a general rule, if you think your friend might need some advice or a good heart-to-heart (but is too shy to ask), then you should be the one to go up to him or her and offer your help. Even if it turns out they really have their own situation under control, it’s better […]

Arrange Transportation Before You Drink

If there are so many alternatives to driving yourself, why don’t you take it? Not only can it be cheaper, it can also be smarter and safer, especially if you’ve been drinking. The legal alcohol limit in California is .08%, but that does not mean that is the point at which everyone is drunk, a […]

Your Court Decorum Is Crucial To Your Bail Bond

It’s time to show court (and your friends and family) how sorry you are for your crime, how seriously you are taking this situation, and how much you really don’t reflect the actions and attitude you demonstrated in the past. To do this, you need to represent yourself accordingly in court: Do not chew gum […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store – Affordable For College Students

College students don’t have time for full-time jobs. Some don’t even have time for part time jobs. They’re busy getting an education for which they are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for. On top of their tuition, they pay for housing, food, bills, etc. And then upon graduating college, they probably have thousands and […]

Selma Bail Bond Store – A Family-Owned Bail Bond Company That Truly Cares

Taking care of family is a very important part of life. When a family member has been arrested, you need to do whatever you can to rescue him from jail. Do not use some ridiculously large bail bonds company that has lost sight of the importance of taking care of its clients. Instead, use a […]

If You Want The Best Bail Service In California Then You Want Sanger Bail Bond Store

Some of us are better than others at staying out of trouble, and we all have that one friend that seems to be trying to make a living out of getting in trouble. When your friend gets arrested, you will undoubtedly want to bail him out as quickly as you can because that is the […]

Sacramento County Bail Bond Store Is Here To Help Bail Out Your Loved One from Jail

When you find out a friend or family member got arrested, it can be very difficult to handle. You can feel lost and alone as you try to figure out how to rescue your loved one. Most people do not have a plan ready for a situation like this, but luckily there is a solution. […]

College Students: You’re In The Real World

Many colleges are beginning their school year in the coming days and weeks (or they may have started already!) and we know a lot of students are excited. They get to live with their best friends, go to parties weekly, and overall have the time of their lives. At Fresno Bail Bond Store, we’d just […]