Your Fresno Bail Bond Store Agent Is Another Friendly Face

Let’s get one thing straight: bail bond agents are not thugs. We don’t wear dark clothes and a big coat, sunglasses, slicked hair, gold chains and rings. Okay, maybe some of us have bits and pieces of these qualities but certainly not the whole package! We are a team of people who work together, and […]

About California’s Statute Of Limitations And What It Means

Each state has a “statute of limitations” which means there are time limits that lawsuit can be filed in order to charge the offender. If that time period since the crime has passed, that person cannot be charged. The statute of limitations will vary depending on the crime and situation, and the clock for the […]

Agents At Fresno Bail Bond Store Are Always Available To Help

Understandably, it’s probably hard for many people to understand why we do what we do – bail people out of jail. “What purpose to you get out of getting someone out of jail?” Well, we’ll tell you. Being a bail bond agent is more than filing forms to get a person out of jail. As […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Sounds Too Good To Be True, But They Are True!

With over 28 years in the industry, Fresno Bail Bond Store has really emerged at the top. Fresno Bail Bond Store boasts more satisfied clients than other bail bond companies in California, and has outstanding true testimonials to back them. Excellence at Fresno Bail Bond Store and favoritism for the company over others stems from […]

Why We’re So Good At What We Do

Fresno Bail Bond Store is a 28-year-old family-owned company in California. Over these 28 years, we’ve grown to employ over 120 licensed and professional bail agents and representatives. Many have been with our company for a long time and have really shaped our company to be the reliable, welcoming, and friendly company that we are. […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Provides You The Best Bail Help That You Deserve

Helping people rescue their loved ones from jail is an extremely important job, one that the bail agents at Fresno Bail Bond Store love to do. We have been helping Californians bail the important people in their lives out of jail since 1987 and we can help you too! For nearly 30 years, Fresno Bail […]

Coalinga Bail Bond Store Provides The Best Bail Service In All Of California

When a friend or family member has been arrested, it can feel like nobody is there for you. A lot of bail bonds companies give off the feeling that they only care about how much money they can make from you. Coalinga Bail Bond Store is not one of those companies, our bail agents genuinely […]

Clovis Bail Bond Store Have More Experience Helping People With Bail Than Any Other Bail Companies

Every day, thousands of people are arrested in California and many of them stay in jail longer than they have to. Everyone has the right to bail themselves out, let Clovis Bail Bond Store help you express that right. We have more experience with helping people than any other bail bonds company in the state. […]

Don’t Hesitate To Call Butte County Bail Bond Store & Rescue Your Loved One Out Of Jail

Being in a jail cell alone, or worse with someone you do not know, can cause a lot of fear. You have no idea what anyone else in the jail cell did to end up there, and they could have done something extremely violent. You would not want to go through something like that, and […]

Don’t Be Shy – Agents At Fresno Bail Bond Store Are Welcoming, Friendly, And Understanding

It’s very nice and refreshing to approach a company and be greeted with a friendly, genuine person. That’s what you get at Fresno Bail Bond Store. The bail agents and representatives at Fresno Bail Bond Store are regular people just like you. They’re the person you jog past in the morning, your neighbor across the […]