What It’s Like To Spend A Night In Jail

Spending one night in jail either sounds really scary or a piece of cake, probably depending on who you are as a person and what you see on television. Truthfully though, a night in jail isn’t too bad, but it definitely isn’t pleasant either. You will be able to make more than one phone call. […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Keeps It Simple

If you’re looking for a bail bond company who will answer all your questions and get your loved one out quickly, Fresno Bail Bond Store is the company you should contact right now. You might think all bail bond companies are equal in what you get out of them, but it’s not true. Some may […]

Bail Out Your Friend So They Can Enjoy Halloween Too

Halloween is a few weeks away and we know how much you and your friends love dressing up and going out. If you’ve got a friend sitting in jail, struggling to post bail, help them out! In fact, let us help you help them out. Get a bail bond from Fresno Bail Bond Store to […]

Call Placer County Bail Bond Store Right Now For Affordable Bail Help

Getting arrested can be a very confusing event. One minute you are out and about having fun and the next minute you are being placed in the back of a police car and taken to jail. If you do not want to even think about getting arrested, how do you think your friend or family […]

You’re In Good Hands At Parlier Bail Bond Store

Just because your friend or family member gets arrested, it does not mean that their life is over. You can help him or her get out of jail today by calling Parlier Bail Bond Store and speak with one of our skilled bail agents. We will help you get your loved one out of jail […]

Orange Cove Bail Bond Store Know The Best Way To Help Our Clients

If a friend or family member gets arrested, you would want expert bail help from a trustworthy bail bond company that you can actually afford to get your friend or family member out of jail quickly. Other bail bond companies say they can get your loved one bailed out quickly, but fail to deliver. Orange […]

Find A Friend In Your Fresno Bail Bond Store Agent

From a stranger to a helpful individual to a friend. This is the process you go through with your Fresno Bail Bond Store agent. This is a unique process and experience with Fresno Bail Bond Store. Bail agents representing other bail bond companies may not be as helpful, friendly, or responsive. They do not make […]

The Steps To Bail With Bail Bond Store

Find out the charges made against the person you love, the cost of their bail, and where they are currently located. Have the person’s name and other personal information like address and date of birth ready. A co-signer may be required. If it will not be you, make sure the person who will co-sign is […]

What The Eighth Amendment Has To Do With Bail

The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution protects those who have the right to post bail. The Amendment prohibits excessive bail. Well, even then, bail for some people can still sound pretty excessive. Some people who have committed serious crimes have been given a million or multi-million bail. For other people, even a bail […]

No Matter What, Do Not Resist Arrest

If the police intend to arrest you, do not resist arrest, no matter what. This is a bit of advice that can be more powerful than you think. Resisting arrest is actually a misdemeanor crime in itself that can be punishable by a fine and/or jail time. Consequences for resisting arrest would be separate than […]