We Get What You’re Going Through

No, this is not part of our standardized customer service procedures. Our team, our family here at Fresno Bail Bond Store really does understand what you’re going through. While not all of us (120+ bail agents and representatives) have been in the exact same situations you are in, some of us have. Yep, some of […]

This Could Happen To Anyone, Including You

There are so many things in life we can prepare for (and that’s great), but there are some things we cannot foresee, such as suddenly needing to bail someone who you love out of jail. Just like we tell ourselves that “I’ll never be one to get into a car accident” or “I won’t be […]

What Is Acceptable Bail Bond Collateral?

A common necessity to secure a bail bond is to get collateral for it. The collateral is pledged, kind of like a ransom, if you will. As long as the defendant goes to court as scheduled, collateral for the bail bond will be returned to the owner. However, if the defendant fails his or her […]

Let Sacramento County Bail Bond Store Help You Through This Difficult Time

When one of your loved one gets arrested, and he or she calls you for help, your loved one is putting all of his or her faith in you. Your loved one is hoping that you will be able to rescue him or her from jail. You will need a bail bond company you can […]

Roseville Bail Bond Store – A Company You Can Trust To Bail Your Loved One Out Of Jail

When you need to bail someone who is very important to you out of jail, you would want to use someone you can trust. You want a company like Roseville Bail Bond Store. Roseville Bail Bond Store have far more years of helping people bail their loved ones than we do complaints from the California […]

Reedley Bail Bonds Provides Easy, Fast & Affordable Bail Bonds

Life is unpredictable, one moment you and your friends are out and about, having a good time then all of a sudden one of your friends takes it a little too far. The next thing you know, your friend is being arrested and placed in the backseat of a police car. You will probably start […]

Don’t Give The Police An Excuse To Search You Or Your Car

Even though the police do not have the right to search your vehicle unless they have a warrant, there can be some exceptions. If you look like you’re trying to conceal something from the officer or dispose of it out the window, the officer can conduct a search. This provides the officer with some probable […]

How Bailing Your Loved One Out Of Jail Benefits You

With a loved one behind bars, you’re much more distracted from work, your family at home, and your personal life. You’re stressed and worried about that one loved one. If you get a bail bond to help them get out of jail, you’re not only doing them a tremendous favor, but you’re also doing it […]

Consequences Of Providing Tobacco Products To Minors

It is against the law to sell or provide cigarettes and tobacco to minors in the United States. Just because they “look over 18”, that is not a sufficient excuse. Stores must always ask for identification (and likewise when selling alcohol). Anyone caught selling tobacco products to minors may be subject to fines, possible jail […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Is A Top Pick In California

Among the hundreds of bail bond companies in California, Fresno Bail Bond Store stands out as a top pick. Here’s why, summarized very quickly: Personalized, low monthly rate payment plans that fit your financial needs Charged premium is kept at the lowest percentage possible Zero down Zero interest No hidden fees Financing is available Online […]