Why Violent Crime In Hollywood Has Increased In The Last Year

A recent study has shown that violent crime in Hollywood, California has increased by 21% in the last year. Hollywood is glitz and glamour. The population is growing as are the number of bars and clubs. Sure, many crimes develop from drunk people emerging from these hotspots, but these are not the only direct cause […]

More Rules About Drones That You Need To Know!

Many larger-sized drones will now have to be registered with the government in order to be owned and operated by individuals. This was a move the government saw as necessary in order to regulate individuals flying drones. Over the last year there has been an increase of interference of drones with airplanes, helicopters and more. […]

Getting A Bail Bond Should Never Be An Invasion Of Privacy

When you’re getting a bail bond, you should never feel like your privacy is being invaded. Yes, you will have to inform the bail bond company of some personal information, but that will all be kept confidential. A bail bond company like Fresno Bail Bond Store will never reveal this to others who are not […]

Where To Go When Your Best Friend Is In Jail

You were having a regular, pleasant day until your phone rang a couple minutes ago and now you’re stressed, frustrated and worried. Typically when your best friend calls it’s to plan a hangout or gossip. This time, they’re calling you from jail because they need you to bail them out. No questions asked (yet), you […]

The Importance Of Your Relationship With Your Parents

If there’s one thing you must always remember about your relationship with your parents, it’s that they are going to support you 100% of the time. This includes your endeavors, your goals, your aspirations, but also your misguided actions and attempts and your poor decisions too. Pretend that one of the most nightmarish situations has […]

Do You Know How To Get A Bail Bond? Dinuba Bail Bond Store Can Help

Would you know what to do if your loved one got arrested and gets locked up in jail? Do you know to call a bail agent that works in the area your loved one was arrested in to ensure fast bail help? When you want to help get your loved one released from jail, you […]

Madera Bail Bond Store Makes Bailing A Loved One Easy On You

A loved one’s arrest can be shocking, but do not let it bring you down. Just because your loved one was accused of a crime does not mean he or she has to stay in jail. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty and until your loved one has been convicted, they can be bailed out […]

Need To Bail Your Child Out Of Jail? Then Call Lemoore Bail Bond Store

If you have a child that has been arrested and locked up, do not make your child stay in jail longer than necessary. Call Lemoore Bail Bond Store right away and speak with one of our helpful bail agents regarding bailing your child out of jail at a price you can afford. Lemoore Bail Bond […]

These Driving Tips Will Prove Even More Helpful This Season Than Previous Ones

It’s no a secret that rain makes drivers well, worse. Especially in harsh weather, it’s dangerous to be driving. The roads are slippery, it can get very windy, and the rain splattering on the windows prevent clear visibility. With Winter weather approaching and this year, the historic El Niño too, we’re here to give you […]

This Question About Bail Is More Common During The Holiday Season Than Any Other Time Of Year

One of the biggest questions we at Fresno Bail Bond Store get (especially now, during the end of the year), is if a person who bails out of jail, can travel. Holiday vacations and travel plans have been locked in for some time before the arrest occurred. Nobody likes having to cancel or change plans […]