Didn’t Win Powerball? That’s Okay – Dinuba Bail Bond Store Will Help You Afford Bail

With all the excitement surrounding last month’s $1.6 billion Powerball draw, we decided to dig our toes and find some interesting facts about the lottery – and the proper ways to play. The Powerball lottery is only played in 44 states. Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Mississippi and Alabama do not participate. However, this does […]

Your Tax Refund Is Acceptable For Your Bail Bond Payment

No matter how much or little your tax refund is, you can certainly use this money to help pay for a bail bond payment. Treat your tax refund like just any other check or cash you have. Decide how much of it you’d like to apply to your next bail bond payment and write the […]

What You Can Get Out Of Fresno Bail Bond Store

If you’re in need of a fast and affordable bail bond, you’ve come to the right place. Fresno Bail Bond Store is a 29-year-old family-owned and operated em>bail bond company with offices all over California. At Fresno Bail Bond Store, we are available 24/7 offer state-wide service (it doesn’t matter where in California you are) […]

Crime Increased in 2015

For the first time in over 10 years, crime spiked in all categories in LA in 2015. According to preliminary numbers, since 2014 Violent crime increased by nearly 20% Property crime increased by 10.3% However, LAPD has improved their methods for accurately counting and recording aggravated assaults. Previously, it was reported that the department did […]

Super Bowl, Alcohol And Responsibility

Super Bowl Sunday and alcohol basically go hand in hand (for those who are 21 and over). That’s great and all but before you take your first sip, take a moment to think about the rest of your day and how you will tackle it for safety. If you’re hosting a watch party at your […]

Super Bowl Sunday – Not Bail Bond Sunday

Did you know the most popular TV program for Americans to watch every year is the Super Bowl? And with every Super Bowl watch party comes lots of food and drinks – and a lot of passion from fans of the two teams meeting in the Super Bowl. As you know, some fights can stem […]

Pay Bail With Your Tax Return

Fresno Bail Bond Store is one of the easiest, friendliest bail bond companies to partner with when it comes to needing a professional bail bond agent to help get your loved one out of jail. The company is very flexible in that no matter what financial situation you are in, they will always find a […]

Some Of The Most Expensive Bail Cases In The History Of The U.S.

$40,000 bail is probably expensive to anyone, but just remember that it could always be worse. These are some of the most expensive and high profile bail court cases in the history of the United States. Bernie Madoff Madoff was at the center of one of the largest fraud cases in the United States (over […]

Using Your Right To Bail

If you have the right to bail, why not use it? By not posting bail you’re punishing and torturing yourself by sitting in jail for who knows how long (days? weeks? months?). You’re not allowing yourself to spend time with friends and family. You’re not going to work and getting any sort of income. You’re […]

What A Statute Of Limitations Means

Your crime may have occurred a few years ago but just because you have yet to be caught for it doesn’t mean you never will. Even after an extensive amount of time has passed, criminal offenders can still be charged for a long past crime they committed. However, the one thing that decides this: statute […]