Answers To Your 4 Most Pressing Bail Bond-Related Questions

If this is your first time needing to bail someone out of jail, we’re sure you have a lot of questions for us, Fresno Bail Bond Store, about what to expect, how the process is, and your money. To get started, we’ve picked out the most common questions we receive and help debunk some common […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Agents – Your Everyday People

When you call Fresno Bail Bond Store, you’re calling because you’re in desperate need of someone to help you bail out your loved one. You don’t want to waste any time in getting what you need and thankfully, you won’t be. Fresno Bail Bond Store agents and representatives are available 24/7 because we know that […]

Rights During Detention Versus During An Arrest

It’s important to understand the differences between being detained and being arrested because a person’s rights will change under each situation. Detention The police have reasonable suspicion to stop an individual for a short period of time. The police suspect that the individual was involved in, is in involved in, or has knowledge about a […]

Reduce Your Bail Payments With Your Tax Refund

Have you ever considered using that tax return you just got from the IRS for a bail bond payment? Probably not. We know you were hoping to save it or spend some it on something nice for yourself. But every now and then something unexpected happens and you need to take a quick pause on […]

Why Bail? Here’s Why

Bail exists so that defendants do not have to spend all their time in jail and in custody for the duration of their trial. Trials tend to take weeks or months (and in some cases, over a year). It’s not fair to keep defendants in custody for this lengthy amount of time (unless they are […]

Fresno Bail Bond Store Will Help You Rescue Your Loved Ones

When a person you care deeply about has been arrested, you will want to get him or her bailed out as quickly as you can. Other bail companies are in no rush to help you, all they care about is getting their money. Fresno Bail Bond Store, on the other hand, is not one of […]

Protect Your Family Member – Use Fresno Bail Bond Store

With a family member in jail, how can you be sure they are safe? You are only allowed to visit with your loved one certain times of the day and you cannot be on the phone with them for the rest of the time. You are really not aware of their “housing” situation behind bars […]

Becoming A Parent Can Change The Type Of Person You Are

Becoming a parent is a big challenge but can truly change how a person is. Sometimes, pregnancy is unexpected. And usually, the parents really aren’t ready or mature enough to have a child. Yet, they decide to keep it. And they decide to become better people so their child can enjoy a good upbringing. The […]

Don’t Forget To Make Your Bail Bond Payments

Between rent, Internet, phone, water and electricity bills, it is crucial to not forget to make your bail bond payments as well. It is helpful to put payment dates on a calendar and set up reminders or notifications. It is also a good idea to have a friend or two in-the-know so they too can […]

How NOT To Use Social Media: Admitting You Killed Someone

The police are on the hunt for an 18-year-old woman who supposedly killed her boyfriend and then admitted to the crime on her Facebook. This is definitely not something to post on social media. Anyone with the right mind would know not to share this serious information on social media because someone or Facebook is […]