Fireworks For The Big Boys

It should be pretty apparent that playing with fireworks can be dangerous and there are rules that apply to doing so. We are not talking about the rules Mom and Dad have instilled into your brain years ago when you were a young child playing with fireworks “Don’t touch the spark!” “Don’t light it inside […]

How To Cope When Your Loved One Is In Jail

Learning that your loved one is in jail may be the second greatest heartbreak ever. However, your heartbreak will not have to last a lifetime. What is the best way to cope and mend the broken heart? Getting a bail bond from Fresno Bail Bond Store. A bail agent from Fresno Bail Bond Store can […]

Bail Bond Eligibility

Bail bonds gets people out of jail. But they do not get everyone out of jail. Here are the requirements to being eligible for a bail bond. You need to be 18 years old or older. Bail bonds are not available to any arrestee who is 17 or younger because these juveniles are not offered […]

You Will Want Fresno Bail Bond Store After Reading This

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have a loved one in jail and it is up to you to figure out the fastest, safest way to get him or her out of jail. Well hopefully, by the end of this post, you will not have to read anything else. We hope […]

Prepping For The 4th Of July

Prepping for your 4th of July celebration takes more effort than you think. You have already planned who you are hanging out with, where you will be, and what you are grubbing on, but do not forget about: Planning Transportation – Do not drink and drive. Use Uber, Lyft, or designate a sober driver. Remember, […]

Barbecue Safety Tips

Everyone loves a good barbecue party, and no one likes disastrous aftermath. To avoid the latter from happening, please review the most current barbecuing codes and laws for your area. Codes and laws may differ from city-to-city or county-to-county. Here are some things you might want to consider: Are you allowed to barbecue on your […]

What To Know About Bail Bond Co-Signing

Being a bail bond co-signer requires a lot of responsibility, but even more, trust. Many bail bonds require a co-signer. So, what does this job entail? Here are our answers to the most common bail bond co-signer related questions we receive. Who can be a co-signer? Anyone who the defendant can get to be a […]

What Fireworks Are And Are Not Legal In California

Every year, there are incidents where fireworks are improperly handled and some people end up in the hospital with a serious injury or worse, someone dies. These are reminders as to why dangerous fireworks are illegal for Californians for their own celebrations. Only professionals with a license are allowed to set them off. And with […]

What Kind Of Bail Will Get My Loved One Out Of Jail?

“Help! My loved one is in jail and I want to bail him or her out of jail ASAP, but what type of bail bond do I need? There are all these different kinds!” Fresno Bail Bond Store is here to help break it down for you with the quickest, simplest description because we do […]

Common Bail Bond Incidents

People get arrested for all kinds of crimes ranging from harmless to serious. Our team at Fresno Bail Bond Store has really seen it all over 29 years of experience. Bail bond cases are never without stress and emotion, but trust us when we say, it certainly goes from worse to better with our help. […]