Illegally Using Handicap Placards in California

Individuals who have special needs or are nursing an injury often find it difficult to make the long trek from the back or even the middle of the parking lot. To make life a little easier for them, handicap parking spaces are placed as close to the entrance as possible. These spaces are designed to […]

Conserving Electricity This Summer

Since May, various people have expressed concern that the power grid won’t be able to provide enough electricity to meet everyone’s needs. According to a May 6, 2022 article that was posted by CBS Sacramento, the California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) was already seriously concerned about whether supply would meet demand. At the time, […]

Does Rehab Reduce Your Sentence

No one wants to go to prison. As soon as someone is initially booked and arrested, they suddenly realize how massive an impact a guilty conviction will have on their future. They often start wondering what they can do to make themselves look good and potentially reduce their sentence. In drug and alcohol-related crimes, it’s […]

Changes In California’s Assisted Death Program

Assisted death has always been a controversial issue. California lawmakers have always been a bit progressive on the matter. Their attitude prompted them to make assisted death legal in the state. At the time, California was the seventh state to legalize assisted death. While people continue to debate the moral issues surrounding assisted death, California […]

Tampering With Evidence In California

An accusation of evidence tampering is extremely serious. Thanks to procedural shows, most of us have seen examples of evidence tampering which usually involves one of the show’s characters taking a key piece of evidence and replacing it with something else. The consequences of this tampering generally depends on the plot arc the series writers […]

Prison Time Could Change

A law that many people didn’t know about that goes into effect in 2022 changes how judges handle mandatory minimum prison time when they hand out sentences. The purpose of the law is to give judges more options when it comes to sentencing people for certain crimes. The law reads: “Existing law prohibits granting probation […]

California Cities Where Your Car Is Most Likely To Be Stolen

Car thefts have become an increasingly big headache for police departments across the United States. Shortly after the pandemic started in 2020, law enforcement agencies throughout the United States noticed they were responding to more stolen vehicle reports than they had in past years. “Auto thefts saw a dramatic increase in 2020 versus 2019 in […]

The Consequences Of Bump Stocks In California

If you’re fascinated by firearms, you generally love everything that’s connected to firearms. The problem with having a firearm collection hobby is that it can sometimes lead you to accidentally purchase an item that you’re not allowed to legally own in California. Bump stocks are a perfect example of this. Bump stocks are a device […]

What Is An Accessory To Murder?

Accessory to murder is a term that often comes up in murder cases. It’s also one that many people don’t fully understand. If a person is an accessory to murder it means that there is evidence that while they didn’t actually murder another person, either before or after the incident, they helped the person who […]

Drunk Driving In California Over The Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays when everyone likes to cut loose and really relax. Most of us get to enjoy a long weekend which means we tend to drink a little more than we normally would. The fact that many of us are hanging out with a large group of our […]