Difference Between Infraction, Misdemeanor and Felony

The justice system labels crimes as infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. While these different categories of legal offenses have been around for a long time, very few people who aren’t directly connected to law enforcement or criminal lawfully understand how each type of crime is different. Infraction People who are guilty of an infraction have technically […]

What Happens If A Party Your Hosting Gets Too Loud?

Everyone loves a good party, but sometimes a party can get out of hand. One of the biggest problems with parties is that they often get steadily louder as the party progresses. The issue is that the people who are attending the event rarely notice that the volume on the music keeps getting bumped up […]

Choosing A New Mechanic After You Move To California

The odds are pretty good that you rely on your mechanic even more than you do your doctor. They’re the person who keeps your car running smoothly so that you can stay on top of your personal and professional obligations. Considering how much you rely on your car running smoothly, it’s easy to understand why […]

Human Trafficking In California

Human trafficking is a major problem. The global value of human trafficking is estimated to be about $150 billion per year. California is believed to be a major human trafficking hub. The California Department of Justice reports that: “In 2013, the State enacted Senate Bill 1193 (Steinberg), which added Section 52.6 to the California Civil […]

Understanding California’s Cruz Waiver

California has something most residents probably aren’t familiar with. It’s called a Cruz Waiver. Cruz waivers are interesting. They are set up for defendants who are ready and willing to plead guilty to whatever charges they’re facing, but who aren’t yet ready to face the actual repercussions of the guilty plea. To put it another […]

After Hours Alcohol Sales In California

Businesses that have gone through the effort of applying for a California liquor license and who are approved agree to only sell alcohol during the permitted hours. The good news is that there aren’t many times when you’re not allowed to sell alcohol to customers. At this point, the only times California prohibits the sale […]

What Is Insider Trading And When Is It Illegal?

Insider trading is a strange thing that many people who aren’t actively involved in stock trading and investing fail to fully understand. The average person doesn’t usually have to worry about insider trading simply because they lack the knowledge needed to benefit from it. The idea behind insider trading is that someone who has a […]

Understanding Weapon Charges in California

Many of the cases that wind their way through the California court system involve weapon charges. While the Constitution gives everyone the right to bear arms, state (and some Federal) laws exist that limit what you can and can’t do with those weapons. If you fail to follow any one of those laws, you could […]

Is Skipping School A Crime?

As a parent, you constantly worry about whether you’re raising your child in a way that will enable them to be an independent, self-sufficient, responsible adult. You know that a big part of this process sometimes involves stepping back and letting them do their own things, especially once they become teenagers. It’s likely you understand […]

Can I Sue My Neighbor for Harassment?

In a perfect world, you have great neighbors who you not only like and respect but who are also willing to step up and lend a hand whenever needed. The problem is that we don’t live in a perfect world. While some of us are blessed with fantastic neighbors, others have neighbors who seem determined […]