Can I Request To Change My Court Date?

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Summer is a favorite time of year for people to travel. The children are on break from school and the weather cannot be beat. Travel has been planned for months and there are probably going to be some unplanned, short weekend trips ahead for relaxing at the beach or going hiking. Travel and vacations are a metaphor for freedom.

If a person is ever arrested, a judge will dictate whether or not a person can proceed with their planned vacation. In this kind of situation, the judge will first determine if the person is eligible to post bail. If the judge denies bail, the person must stay in police custody during their trial. This means that the person is unable to make their summer vacation travel plans.

If the judge grants bail, they may also outline additional travel restrictions. For example, the person may be allowed to travel domestically, but not internationally. The judge may say that the person cannot travel at all and their passport must be surrendered. In the best scenario, the judge will not impose any travel restrictions for the defendant while out on bail.

In any case where the judge grants bail, one condition remains clear: the defendant must show up for their scheduled court dates. If the court dates interfere with the vacation they had planned long before this arrest, the defendant can request to have their court date changed to another day, but it is very unlikely the judge will be understanding of this. Truth be told, it is not exactly a good look for a defendant, someone who is accused of violating the law, to ask the court to accommodate their schedule. It is not really worth asking.

If a defendant misses their court date, they jeopardize their bail and freedom. They will be taken back into custody and face the possibility of being held without bail or having their bail increased.

Something like this can really dampen a summer vacation. If you or a travel mate of yours falls into some type of situation like this, hope for the best but prepare for otherwise. You may need to adjust your travel plans. Plus, if it is not you, but your friend or family member who is in trouble, they could really use you to stick around and offer support.

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